Upstate Volunteers Rebuild Veteran’s Home

Upstate volunteers made improvements on the home of a service member Thursday.

It’s all thanks to two organizations that work to improve the lives of combat veterans, Purple Heart Homes and Home Depot.
More than 10 area Home Depot associates partnered with a group called Purple Heart Homes Golden Coroner Chapter. 
 The organization helps fix homes of veterans who can’t make the repairs themselves often because of a disability or injury.
Thursday volunteers helped rebuild the home of U.S. Navy veteran Pamela Dial-Eskew.
Before serving, Dial-Eskew worked in a Home Depot in Southwest Greenville from 2006- 2008
A back injury and the loss of her husband made it hard for her to take care of necessary home repairs so volunteers will be replacing flooring, her washer dryer and doing some landscaping.
Volunteers also arranged for a contractor to replace the roof.
The veteran volunteers like Larry Druffel said they’re honored to be able to help out their fellow servicemen and women in their time of need.

Visit the link below to volunteer with Purple Heart Homes.
Combat veterans with a service related injury may also receive help from the organizations.
To volunteer to help with future projects,  To contribute to the Golden Corner Chapter, send check to PHH Golden Corner Chapter, Box 607, Salem SC, 29676

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