Knitted Scarves, Hats Dress Anderson Statues To Help People Get Warm


Have you seen them? Scarves and hats are popping up on statues scattered throughout Anderson, to help people in need.

We found out who’s behind the knitting, that is being offered to people for free just in time for the season of giving.

“It just makes you feel good when you help other people,” said Kathy Smith.

Before the cold weather really hits, several statues scattered throughout Anderson are already getting bundled up.

“The things were gone already, in just 30 minutes!” Smith said.

Each piece of clothing was handmade by a group of friends and knitting group with a spirit of giving. They call themselves the Black Sheep Knitters. Smith, who’s with the group, says they chose the name because black sheep have more fun.

“Just thought it would be fun to dress the statues and I thought what if we put hats and scarves and people who need them can take them,” Smith said.

They left notes on each statue telling people to take the clothing home if they needed them this winter to keep warm.

Now almost all of the clothing items are gone. The ladies have even redressed some of the statues within a week and watched as the clothing was claimed by strangers with a smile.

“This time of year anything you do to reach out to people is appreciated,” Smith added.

“It has really taken off and is going wild,” said Neil Paul, Visit Anderson Sales Manager.

Pictures of the clothing were posted to the Visit Anderson Facebook page and are spreading fast. Now others want to help the group make more.

“I think it serves as a great reminder in this the holiday season to slow down and it’s really about giving not receiving,” said Paul.

The knitting group says they will keep dressing statues until they run out. They hope to help people as much as they can this holiday season and to keep spreading Christmas cheer.

“We were so excited to see someone take one,” said Smith.” And people on the bench waved at us, so we rolled down the window and said Merry Christmas!”

The Black Sheep Knitting group says they plan on making this a new holiday tradition. They say next year they are already expecting more people to join in.

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