Family Member Calls For More Mental Health Training

The sister of a man shot by Anderson County Deputies is calling for more training for police who deal with mentally ill patients.

The Treatment Advocacy Center put out new statistics showing mentally ill patients off their medication are 16 times more likely to be killed by police officers. To see that research, click here.

Johnathan Chad Christian was shot in the shoulder by Anderson County Deputies on December 10th around 9p.m. after he was seen holding a brick and threatening deputies.

The incident report lists that deputies noticed that Christian was acting manic and was off his medicine.

Deputies had been at the scene earlier around 6p.m. and found Christian in the driveway holding a knife and threatening deputies.

Anderson County Deputies could not speak specifically to this shooting, because it is still under investigation by SLED.

Brianna Smith spoke with Captain Darrell Hill, who is over the 15-person crisis team at the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. That team works closely with the National Association of Mental Illness putting in 32 extra hours of training for dealing with mental illness patients.

All deputies at the Sheriff’s Office have an hour of in-service training yearly for mental illness as well.

Their new computer system will also mark if officers have been to a location before for mental illness before.

ReHinge works with all departments across the Upstate to get extra mental health training for officers.

Greenville Police now have a database that lists the mentally ill in the community so they know how to respond to a call.

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