Anderson Co. Sheriff’s Office Responds to Shooting at Nightclub

Taylors man charged with solicitation of a minor
Taylors man charged with solicitation of a minor

Anderson County Deputies were called to Club 1421 Sunday, after reports of someone shooting a gun.

Deputies said when they arrived, they saw several people leaving the club.

Deputies said the manager of the club told them the person firing the gun was shooting in the parking lot and then left the club in a gold Chrysler 300.

The manager told deputies that the person shooting the gun was upset because they were not allowed in with a tank top instead of a full t-shirt.

Deputies said they found several shell casings from a handgun and a burgundy GMC Yukon with several bullet holes in the side.

The owner of the vehicle was not in the car when it was fired at and was not injured.

Deputies also spoke to a victim on scene that said he attempted to stop the suspect from going into the club when he saw him heading toward the front door with a gun.

Another victim told deputies he was standing near the front door of the club and the suspect was shooting toward him. Reports stated the victim feared for his life.

Investigators are still working on this case.

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