Anderson Business Repairs Woman’s Unfinished Roofing Job

An Anderson county woman spent thousands of dollars to fix storm damage to her roof last month. But instead she was left with a large hole in her home.

That’s why one upstate community came together to help before more rain moves in.

“I said you’ve got all the money you can get out of me. I can’t give no more and he never returned,” Beatrice Kelly recalled.

Beatrice Kelly hired a man to fix storm damage to her roof after a November storm left a lot of damage. She paid him over 3,000 dollars, but Kelly says he didn’t finish and didn’t do everything he promised her.

So she was left with a gaping hole in her home. “The water would come through it and damaged all of my ceilings on the inside,” Kelly said.

“Very angry, angry that a 71-year-old woman is taken advantage of her like that,” Lee Whitaker, Coe’s Roofing Superintendent recalled, of when he first heard about Kelly’s situation.

Kelly filed a police report and asked others for help. But because she paid him and he did minimal work, she was told there wasn’t much that could be done.

Then her story was passed quickly around Facebook Monday. That’s where Coe’s Roofing in Anderson found out.

The owner of Coe’s roofing decided they couldn’t let Kelly go another day with a leaky roof. So they spent most of Tuesday repairing the botched job for free.

“She’s going to get my inside done for me too,” Kelly said with appreciation. “She is a good. Good lady.”

Now the Anderson Company hope other businesses might be able to help them go back to Kelly’s house to fix water damage left behind.

“We just want to get in there and help the community out. We would never leave anyone like that,” Whitaker added.

Now Belton police are warning you to do your research on any company you want to hire to repair your home. They say you should ask police or people you trust for recommendations. You can also call the Better Business Bureau.

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