DHEC Investigation: City Of Seneca Has 90 Days To Clean Up Dump Site

The Department of Health and Environmental Control says they are investigating complaints that illegal items are being dumped on Seneca City property.

A Spokesperson for DHEC says they are investigating those claims at a site off N Pine Street in Seneca and plan on meeting with the property owners.

DHEC says the site is behind a community center at 621 N. Townville St.

7 News checked out the dumping site and found signs around an open field saying “Concrete Asphalt & Dirt Only.” The lot is across from Northside School and filled with concrete and asphalt, along with a few wooden posts.

We checked with the City of Seneca and Ed Halbig with the city says they do own the lot.

DHEC says staff members met with the City of Seneca Tuesday to discuss the complaints.

The city’s representatives and DHEC agreed that the removal of all waste on-site was the most efficient method to correct the problem.

DHEC issued a solid waste investigation notice to the city, giving them 90 days to remove all material from the dump site.



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