Foster Dog Training Helps Gives Shelter Dogs New Leash On Life

Each year more than a million dogs are put-down in shelters across America because no one wants to adopt them. But one Greenville business is trying to change that one dog at a time by providing free training.

Astro Kennels in Greenville pick dogs from Greenville County Animal Care who have been passed over, and teach them behavioral skills through the Foster Dog Training program.

Their latest pick is Abel, a border collie.

“We picked him because when we walked by his kennel he was a yipper and kind of bouncing off the walls, just a little uncontrollable,” said Astro Kennels manager Jamie Wannemacher.

“Some of these dogs that come in there they don’t make it out of there unfortunately and a lot of them could make great dogs. So if we can take one at a time and give them great training and give them attention, then hopefully that will give more dogs a chance,” she said.

“The trainers work with the dogs 5 days a week for 2-4 weeks with men women and children, even socializing them by taking them to places like Lowes.

Then they post the photo on Facebook and usually don’t have to wait long.

“I saw him and I just I absolutely said I have to have him,” said Robin Lance.

She owns a local farm and says Abel is a perfect fit with her other animals, and sleeps well at the foot of her bed.

“He absolutely is so well behaved,” she said.

Part of the Foster dog program includes training the new owner. And Lance plans to take it to the next level with trainer Sandy Bayne and teach Abel how to go off leash.

“It’s just an excellent program, and I was so excited to have him and I was like this is my christmas present to me.”

And certainly for Abel, a new home is the best gift of all.

Astro Kennel has adopted out every dog in the program so far, about 8 a year. They plan to take in another dog in the new year. They provide the training for free, so the cost is no more than a regular adoption from Greenville County Animal Care.

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