Top Consumer Complaints Of 2015


Who hasn’t felt ripped off at some point in life? According to SC Consumer Affairs, nearly 2,000 South Carolinians were so fed up, they filed complaints with the state this year.

Debt collection is one of the top three consumer issues in South Carolina for 2015.

In all, 354 complaints were filed into the SC Department of Consumer Affairs.

Experts say if you get a call, ask them to send you the name of the creditor and the amount you owe in writing.

Vee Daniel with the Better Business Bureau of the Upstate explains what to do if you don’t owe the money.

“Within five days they need to ask the questions and get their contact information and they can send them a letter to cease and desist,” said Daniel.

Another top consumer complaint this year involved utility disputes. That includes issues with your power, cell phone and cable bills.

The state received 512 of these complaints this year.

Daniel says try working with the company first. If that fails, you can contact the state’s Public Service Commission for utility disputes.

The number one complaint this year involved car disputes. That includes issues with used cars, new ones, repair work and car contracts. In all, 582 complaints were made.

The BBB says the biggest issue they hear about is people driving off the car lot with an “As Is” contract.

Daniel says don’t trust verbal agreements.

“Any promises that you have or any promises that the dealership promises you, then you need to make sure that it’s in writing before you pull off the lot.”

In any situation, make sure you document your transactions and communication with a company.

And don’t be afraid to file a complaint. It’s a free service that could save you big bucks.

The other top consumer complaints this year include issues with contractors, financial institutions and apartments/rentals.

To file a complaint with SC Consumer Affairs, click here.

Or, you can call 800-922-1594.

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