How To Save Money on Your New Year’s Eve Uber Ride

(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — As you go out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, don’t let a higher than expected Uber receipt ruin your morning.

Here are some tips to avoid the surge and maybe even get some free rides.

Referral codes – If you are riding with someone that has never requested an Uber ride, have that person request the car and provide them with the referral code available in your app. Your friend will get $20 off the ride, and you will be credited with a free ride of your own for future use.

Facebook Messenger – Uber recently partnered with Facebook to allow users to request rides in Facebook. For a limited time, if you link your Facebook messenger app with Uber, you will get credit for a free ride up to $20.

Split your fare – The Uber passenger app gives riders the option to split the fare with all of the other passengers in the car.

Estimate your fare – The Uber app allows riders to estimate the fare before requesting the ride.

Arrive early, leave early – Uber recommends arriving to the party early or catching a ride home right after midnight to avoid peak surge times.

Be flexible – Surge pricing can go up or down every few minutes. By being flexible with your departure time, you can wait until the surge is reduced or over.

Check other locations – Surge pricing varies in different parts of the city. If you are located near the border of downtown and willing to walk a block or two, the amount of surge can be different.

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