Family, Upstate Organization Release Balloons Teen’s Unsolved Murder

Nearly a year after a teen was shot and killed in Greenville, balloons are released in his honor.

The colorful balloons soared into the sky over the Heritage Apartments Saturday night. Cobey Smith’s mom sees a “C” in the clouds. A sign she says from her late son.

“He let me know he got it!” she yelled.

They released 16 balloons because that’s how old smith was when he was murdered on a trail behind his apartment complex.

Cobey was gunned down last January. But his killer remains on the loose, unknown and free of consequences. The teen’s family and the “Put Down the Guns Now Young People” group are passing out more flyers, pleading for information to track them down.

“We want to let the family know that we are remembering him,” said  Charles Richey.

“Come forward. His mom needs justice,” Amanda Turner said. “I never knew Cobey to bother anybody. If anything, he would help or help any way he knew how. I mean, he deserves justice.”

“We want to prevent mothers like Betty Smith to have to go to a mortuary to look down at her son,” Jack Logan said about their efforts. “Or to prevent that other mother from going to a prison to visit her son or daughter.”

Greenville Police tells us that people just aren’t coming forward with tips. They believe someone at the apartments saw something that could help investigators.

“This has been tough on them, knowing that you have some ruthless coward punks out here who committed this crime, walking the streets,” Logan added.

That’s why the Upstate group plans on releasing more balloons every day until the 25th this month.

That’s the anniversary of Cobey’s death. On that day this year, they say they will also celebrate his life.

Police say they have returned to the apartments repeatedly to hand out flyers and gun locks. They want to encourage people who live there to come forward with information.

Cobey Smith was shot to death on sliding rock creek trail. Greenville police tell us investigators believe the teen was targeted and there is no threat to public safety.

If you have any information, call Greenville police or “Crime Stoppers” at 23-CRIME.

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