Macy’s Adds Changing Table to Men’s Room Because of Dad’s Letter

One Maryland father shopping at a Macy’s store in Prince George’s County was stressed out because he couldn’t change his son’s diaper.

Anthony Dew and his four-month-old son, Jeremiah, set out in early December to get some Christmas shopping done.  As they walked into the Macy’s store at The Mall of Prince Georges, little Jeremiah was fussy and he needed a new diaper.

Dew says he searched every floor for a changing table but couldn’t find one.  He got frustrated and decided to leave Macy’s without spending a dime.

Dew went home and wrote to Macy’s chairman and CEO Terry Lundgren on behalf of all fathers who just need access to changing stations.

The letter did the trick.

The manager of the store Dew visited was away on a work trip when his bosses contacted him.  Ufuoma Onosakponome says he put a team together and went to work on the problem.

Not only is there a new changing station, but there is also a renovated men’s room   a pleasant place for dads to change kids.

Jeremiah’s mother is proud of her husband and amazed at how quickly Macy’s took action.

Dew said they also gave them a gift card to apologize for the inconvenience.

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