GSP Airport Warns Travelers About High Traffic During Game Week

GSP Airport says they are expecting high traffic due to an increase in charted flights between Jan 9 – 11 because of the Nation College Football game between Clemson and Alabama.

They are want travelers to Remember 3-2-1.

3 HOURS prior to departure – check in at the Ticket Counter

2 HOURS prior to departure – Get in line at the TSA Security Checkpoint

1 HOUR prior to departure – Be at your gate.

They are asking tech savvy travelers to save time by checking in and paying for checked luggage online when possible or skip the airline ticket counters completely by carrying-on luggage and using a mobile boarding pass.

They remind travelers that the least expensive parking options including the Economy Lot and the Sky Lots tend to fill up first. The say you can guarentee your space by visitng and clicking on the Reserved Parking tab.

For more travel tips, including prohibited items you can visit –

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