Clemson Family Still #AllIn After National Championship Loss

Despite a tough loss, Clemson ended the football season on a good note. Over the past semester, the winning season brought tourism and good sense of pride to the community.

“They played their hearts out and they did an amazing job,” Connie McKee said, Manager of the Greek Life Gallery downtown Clemson.

The end of the national championship game was a nail biter for Clemson fans. And even though they didn’t win, Tigers are holding their heads high.

“We were high fiving, then the next minute you’ve got your heads in your hands and in complete silence then you’re up again high fiving. Just can’t believe it. Just like they didn’t give up, we didn’t give up on them,” explained Richard Fulmer. “I knew before it started that I was going to be proud of them, you know? Win lose or draw, they put their heart into it, their heart and soul.”

Still0112_00000Fans wore orange and purple Tuesday to show just how proud they are of the hard work the team put in the entire season. They’re also showing up on social media to let their team know they’re #StillAllIn.

“I think there is something in the water here,” Clemson freshman Ali Balthaser said. “[This season] was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. When you walk into Death Valley, I mean, it is incredible. The stadium rumbles when the Tigers roar.”

Businesses downtown, like the Tiger Sports Shop, are showing their support by thanking the team for a great year.

The successful season has drawn more customers in what is normally a quieter time of year. Mr. Knickerbockers Greek Gallery says this is the busiest season they’ve seen in years.Still0112_00001

“It is amazing to see just how much our fans appreciate our players and stand behind them,” McKee added. “There’s usually a big lull but this has been a lot different.”

The Clemson family hopes to keep the momentum going. They want to let everyone know that the Tigers success doesn’t end here. “Like Dabo said, we’ll be back next year,” Mckee said.

National Championship gear is also still selling fast at several stores downtown Clemson. So you better hurry if you want to get something, before it’s all gone.

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