Man Threatens To Shoot Everyone In Home Say Police

The Union County Sheriff’s deputies say they responded to reports of a man threatening to grab a gun and shoot everyone in a home.

Deputies say they spoke with a woman who said the suspect, Brandon Williams, had been using methamphetamine and was hallucinating.

When deputies attempted to arrested Williams, he became irate, reports say. Williams began to blame the woman for calling the authorities and told her to “tell them about the drugs in the bedroom.”

Deputies arrested Williams for breach of peace and took him to jail.

After the woman gave deputies permission to search the bedroom, she showed them a small bag with methamphetamine and a syringe inside, reports say.

Deputies asked to see the woman’s arms and when she pulled up her sleeve, they noticed her bruises.

According to the incident report, she told authorities that on January 10 Williams jumped out of bed, grabbed her, and began to shake her after he suspected that she had someone in the closet.

She said every time he did drugs she was scared that he was going to harm her, reports say.

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