New Scams To Avoid In 2016

Every year scammers develop new methods to trick you out of your money. We want you to stay on top of the latest schemes.

Whether it’s new scams or new twists on old scams, there are already some experts are warning about.

1. New Imposter Scam

Phone scams are nothing knew to Kayla Revis, whose entire family is hounded by fake debt collectors.

“They knew all of our names, they had gotten my brothers social and the really had a legit case saying we were going to be subpoena to court.”

Starting this year real debt collectors are allowed to use robocalls for people who are overdue on government debt like federal student loans. And scammers know that. So deciphering what’s legitimate just got trickier.

“I would be scared because I wouldn’t know I would think, oh my gosh I owe money,” said Revis.

2. ID Theft More Sophisticated

IT expert Kevin Hodges with USC Upstate warns Identity Theft is getting more sophisticated, too, as hackers steal breach data that seems harmless, and find ways to use it against you.

“For instance if I have the last 4 of your social, doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if I call saying I’m from the IRS and I’m telling you I owe money and I’ve got part of your social and I’ve got other innocuous information about you personally, that may be all I need,” said Hodges.

3. Bogus Political Calls

Bogus political robocalls are another new scam to avoid. The caller will fake the ID so it looks like it’s coming from a campaign. And pretty soon they’ll be asking you for a donation.

4. Mobile Wallet Accounts

Finally, the mobile wallet is now becoming a new way thieves can use stolen credit cards.
For now, the technology is safe. But it is easy for crooks to set up their own accounts and load card numbers they’ve already swiped.

To protect yourself, check your statements daily, screen your calls and be careful where you give out your private information.

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