Spartanburg Vision For The Community

Spartanburg is looking to change the way you view the area.

The Chamber of Commerce has hired outside help to find and fix the issues that matter the most to you.

It’s a new year along with new projects in downtown Spartanburg.

“If you see growth, industrial sector, you see dirt moving, AC hotel, 20 million dollar project, you see the growth new residential movement, 58 new businesses downtown since 2013, that’s progress that people can wrap their mind around and see and it’s tangible,” said Allen Smith with the Spartanburg Area Chamber.

The past year was filled with big announcements like the Dollar Tree Distribution Center and a new hotel being built in downtown Spartaburg.

The Chamber says overcoming perception will be their biggest task.

“Perception is reality, and the thing is that the perception of spartanburg is changing and we often say, there’s no better time than now to be in Spartanburg,” said Smith.

To capitalize on that the chamber has hired an outside firm that for the next 10 months will take in community ideas and review data to show exact places that the county can improve.

The Spartanburg County Chamber will be folding a vision meeting for the community January 22.

You can register for the event here

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