Pet turkey shot after dispute between siblings in Union

Deputies say they responded to home after a woman called to report that her brother shot her chickens in Union County.

When deputies arrived to the home on Shetley Road in Union, they spoke with the woman who admitted to shooting her brother’s pet turkey earlier in the week.

According to the incident report, the woman told her brother that the turkey chased her and she shot it with a BB gun while it was in her yard. The turkey did not die, deputies say.

The brother told her to remember this incident if anything happens to her chickens or other animals, according to reports.

On Wednesday, the woman said she heard a gunshot in her yard and when she looked outside, she saw her brother shining a flashlight up in the trees where her chickens roost.

Her brother had shot two more times before returning to his house a few doors down.  That’s when the woman called 911.

Deputies checked around the tree, but they did not find any signs of dead chickens. They did find two chickens roosting in the trees and shotgun shells on the ground, reports say. The shells were taken as evidence.

Deputies went to the brother’s home, but he would not come to the door.  Authorities say they’ll get a warrant for breach of peace on him.

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