Forbes recognizes Furman senior in “30 under 30”

Not many people can say they’ve been featured by Forbes, even fewer at age 21.

Furman Senior Chris Drose was about the last to know he had landed on the 30 under 30 Finance list this month. It’s recognition that highlights “America’s most important young entrepreneurs, creative leaders and brightest stars.”

“You usually don’t see short-sellers get this type of attention, especially my age so it’s definitely been very surprising,” he said.

Then again, you usually don’t see short-sellers at his age.

It was an article Drose wrote on American Addiction Center that made others take notice of his keen ability to pinpoint companies whose stock values would likely decline.

He was the first to make public widespread negligence, including how the president was facing murder charges.

Drose had taken the unpublished story to Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, but he said he had little pull as a college student.

So he posted his findings on his own site,

After that both outlets attributed the 50% stock drop to him.

“It went from people not wanting to talk about it to people wanting to write about me. Which was nice, but I would also rather they focus on the company and what they did,” he said.

Drose may be modest, but his Furman professors have lots to say about his impact on the marketplace.

“His passion is going out and finding these companies that are really sort of a house of cards and exposing that. And unless you have people with Chris’s talents doing that, there are going to be people that get hurt,” said Tom Smythe, Professor of Business and Accounting.

And if Chris keeps it up, who knows, maybe he’ll land on Forbes’ cover one day.

“If you do a lot of work on something and someone dismisses it because of your age, that definitely gives you an extra incentive to make sure you don’t dismiss it next time,” said Drose.

Not only are people not dismissing him now, but his short selling business has been lucrative enough to fund a college education.

And the future looks bright. He has already been offered a job at a hedge fund in Atlanta when he graduates in May.

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