Movie magic helps patients at Greenville Shriners Hospital

The same technology Hollywood uses to make computer generated characters come to life is being used in the Upstate to help make other kinds of miracles happen.

At Shriners Hospitals For Children — Greenville, the Motion Analysis Lab uses motion capture cameras to help measure a patient’s every move.

Roy Davis, Director of the MAL, explains how that information helps physicians and therapists pinpoint the best kind of treatment..

“Our goal is to bring them into this lab, into this space, and do a comprehensive measurement of their walking and their movement ability,” Davis explained. “With the technology, with the quantitative information, we can understand is it a muscle in the front of the leg, or behind the leg? Or both? Which are causing the problems?”

Loshana Higgs brings her four-year-old daughter Angella to Greenville Shriners Hospital twice a week for therapy.

“When she first started out she would pretty much tiptoe, all the way and stiff,” Higgs said. “Now I mean she’s doing things that we didn’t expect her to be able to do be that mobile until she was 6,7 years old. So we see a lot of good progress with her and the therapy here.”

motion capture camera

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