Democratic presidential candidates appear at state capitol MLK parade, rally

On the morning after Sunday’s spirited democratic debate, candidates stood shoulder to shoulder, marching in honor of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Senator Bernie Sanders, who galvanized grassroots supporters, said his message of income inequality and criminal reform dovetails quite well with that of the slain civil rights leader.

“The working people of this country are often working longer hours for low wages and almost all of the new income and wealth is going to the top one percent,” said Sanders. “There’s something wrong where we have more people in jail largely African Americans and Latinos.”

Also on the front lines was of this morning’s March was Martin O’Malley. The political long shot touted his policies while serving as Governor of Maryland.

“I restored voting rights to 52,000 as Governor,” O’Malley said. “I became the first Governor south of the Mason-Dixon Line to repeal the death penalty. We’re all in this journey together and we have to take action to affirm the dignity of everyone’s life.”

Noticeably absent from the march was Secretary Hillary Clinton, who has long been considered the presumptive democratic nominee. But she was front and center at the State Capitol, delivering a fiery speech on the removal of the confederate flag, policy brutality against minorities and gun control, invoking last year’s massacre at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston.

“When black people are killed worshipping at mother Emanuel church with a gun bought through a legal loophole, this isn’t just a public safety issue, it’s a civil rights issue,” Clinton said.

Clinton and Sanders are both statistically tied in Iowa and New Hampshire polls although she has a 25-point lead over Sanders in a national poll. Supporters of both candidates have said they will support whoever is the eventual nominee.

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