Nail polish chemical found in body, not just nails says study

The average woman paints her nails once a week.

Nail polish contains several chemicals and new research discovered one chemical not only on woman’s nails but also inside their bodies.

A joint study by Duke University and the Environmental Working Group finds that chemicals in some polishes can get inside your body.

EWG’s Tasha Stoiber says researchers tested women for signs of the commongchemical flame retardant Triphenyl Phosphate, or TPHP.

Every woman had elevated levels after they painted their nails.

She says that nail polish is the only personal care product that has this chemical as an ingredient.

The EWG estimates about half of all nail polishes have TPHP which is also used as a flame retardant on some furniture like couches.

The group says more research is needed on the effects of the chemical in humans.

They say animal studies indicate that TPHP is linked to reproductive and developmental issues.

A statement from a group that represents nail polish manufacturers calls the research “speculative, misleading.”

They point out “(TPHP) has beedn widely and safely used across many industries,” including to prevent “electrical, automobile and furniture fires.”

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