2016 hot job list released

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) It can be stressful going to college and not knowing if there will be a job waiting for you at the other end of it but a new survey finds there are jobs being added this year.

If you’re looking for some direction in your life or a career change, a recent Career Builder survey found 27% of respondents in a recent survey are planning to add even more full-time permanent sales jobs this year.

Charles Peterson, a marketing professor at the University of New Haven, says once again this year, they’re seeing more and more students find a job in sales.

“Sales is the revenue-engine of companies. Without revenue, you have no company,” Peterson said.

Some of the companies he says are hiring students in Connecticut are Liberty Mutual, Granite Communications, Cintas, ADP, Pepsi, iServe Lending, Frito Lay and Hershey’s just to name a few.

Students may be uneasy about getting into a job that’s primarily commission-based, that is the down-side to the job, but there’s an up-side too.

“The up-side is, there’s no cap and we know that many sales people make significantly more than their sales managers do and some people like the sales person for Boeing or Airbus make substantially more than their CEO’s do,” Peterson added.

He says sales people also tend to be some of the most valuable to a company because they spend the most time with customers, and know first-hand what they’re looking for.

If sales really isn’t your thing, there are other well-paying positions being added.

Of the employers who plan to increase the number of full-time employees in the new year, the top areas they’ll be recruiting, according to Career Builder, include:

Customer Service – 32 percent
Information Technology – 29 percent
Sales – 27 percent
Production – 24 percent
Administrative – 20 percent
Marketing – 18 percent
Business Development – 16 percent
Human Resources – 16 percent
Accounting/Finance – 15 percent
Engineering – 13 percent

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