Hack winter with these 8 tips

Here is a list of 8 tricky things YOU can do to hack winter.

1. Use a non-stick spray to keep snow from sticking on your shovel.
2. Create your own handwarmers with calcium-chloride ice melt and water.
3. Make your own windshield wiper fluid with two quarts rubbing alcohol, one cup water, and a bit of dish detergent.
4: Use socks on your toilet seat to make it feel warmer when you sit down.
5: Use a warm water bottle in bed to help keep you warm at night.
6. Use a spatula or credit card to clean ice or snow off your car when.
7. Put socks over your wipers when it snows to keep them from getting covered in snow and use 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water in a spray bottle to clear ice from your windshield.
8. Park your car facing east to have snow/ice clear off itself in the morning.

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