Suspect gets loose, jumps from moving Union Police car

Corwin Lamar Hemingway II

UNION – Union County deputies say a man managed to get loose from handcuffs – while under arrest – smashed a window and jumped out of a moving patrol car.

Corwin Lamar Hemingway II, 26, was under arrest Monday evening after being charged with public intoxication by Union Police.

Hemingway was handcuffed and was riding in the back seat of the officer’s car when he got one hand loose. The incident report says Hemingway pounded the back glass of the patrol car as the officer drove to the Union County Jail.

Just before arriving, deputies say he broke out the passenger window of the Union Police car and jumped out while the vehicle was still moving. The Union Police officer says he chased Hemingway on foot before catching him and again placing the suspect in handcuffs.

Union County Sheriff’s Office deputies were then called to the scene. The incident report states the suspect caused about $500 damage to the car.

Hemingway was being held Wednesday morning at the Union County Jail. He is charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication and shoplifting according to the jail website.

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