Seniors Scammed Out of Thousands Of Dollars In Clemson

CLEMSON – Clemson Police report at least four cases of elderly people being scammed out of thousands of dollars in the past week.

The phone scam involves someone calling the victim – claiming to be a family member who has been arrested – with a second suspect getting on the call to say they are the arresting officer.

The victims are then told to pay the false police agency to release their loved ones. The victims are told to put a specific amount of money on a Reloadit gift card, then transfer that financial information by phone.

No family members of the victims had been arrested or charged.

Clemson Police say two victims filed reports with their investigators, one was sent to another agency and a fourth person declined to complete a report.The scam calls were reported between January 13-19.

Clemson Police advise that law enforcement agencies don’t handle bond arrangements themselves, but that is a court proceeding. If you receive such a call, you’re advised to contact that family member directly or contact law enforcement.

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