Greer family getting Habitat for Humanity home

On a cold winter day, most of us are bundling up and heading indoors to find warmth.

In Greer, dozens of Upstate volunteers did the opposite – braving the cold to build a home.

Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County began its 2016 build season by helping a single mother of four get the home of her dreams.

The build is sponsored in part by Michelin North America and Greenville Technical College.

“It’s a sign that people truly understand it feels good to give back,” said Keith Miller, Greenville Technical College President.

The bulk of the construction started Thursday but will take all winter to complete.

Yanti Chappell and her kids, ages 1 through 8, hope to have the keys by June.

“It just gives me so many dreams for my kids that I wanted coming up as a child,” said Chappell.

During the event, sponsors, partners, and volunteers have the opportunity to write encouraging messages to the family on the beams of the walls, which will become a permanent part of the home during construction.

“People do take it [home ownership] for granted. It’s so important to have a good, stable home,” said Leesa Owens with Michelin North America.

According to the organization, Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County started in 1985 and has provided home ownership to more than 330 low-income families.

“I see a lot of loving, caring people in our community who are doing just a wonderfully exceptional thing,” said Barbara Martin with Habitat for Humanity.

Through affordable construction, volunteers hope to eliminate poverty housing and the social and economic problems which often come with it.

If you want to help on this project or a different construction site, click here to check events and sign up.

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