Planned Parenthood Investigation Continues in SC

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Lawmakers continue the investigation of three SC abortion clinics Thursday at the Statehouse.

They discussed several recommendations from DHEC, approving some before discussing they need more time and information from the state agency to decide on others.

One of the most controversial issues under investigation is fetal tissue donations, and whether to make it legal to use them for medical research or not.

Representative Raye Felder (R-York) says women who consent to donate the tissue after deciding to have an abortion allows medical research to move forward.

She compared the issue to cancer research, and finding the cure for diseases like Alzheimer’s.

“If we can do research and we can save lives and we can make that quality of life better, as a cancer survivor, I think that’s most important,” Felder said. “And that’s part of our responsibility to the citizens of South Carolina and to this country.”

Not all committee members agreed with Rep. Felder’s amendment to DHEC’s recommendation, but it was approved.

The Ad Hoc Committee will continue reviewing recommendations by state agencies sometime next week.

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