Hollywild Animal Park fined for multiple violations

Spartanburg Co.'s Hollywild Animal Park Investigated (Image 1)

Hollywild Animal Park received a $18,964 fine for multiple violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

Hollywild’s Executive Director Kim Atchley responded to these fines, saying that the fines were “issued from the USDA relate to issues at the Park that took place several years ago. The Park has addressed and resolved all of these issues, even though it takes years for the USDA processes to be finalized and posted. The issues related to the fines have all been resolved to USDA guidelines.”

Atchley says the park is making new, positive efforts including hiring new animal curator to help “set a course for our animal department and facilities that will meet our mission goal to continually improve the lives of our animals in an enriching and respectful manner.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued the Wellford-based park the following violations:

  • Failure to provide adequate veterinary care to:
    • An excessively thin camel
    • A goat, a yak, ibex, and alpacas with overgrown hooves
    • Chimpanzees infected with whipworms
    • An addax with an injured eye
    • Four ibex who suffered recurring lameness
    • Big cats who were overdue for vaccinations
    • Primates who had never been vaccinated, did not have the required annual physical exams, and were not provided with veterinary-recommended dental care
  • Failure to promote the psychological well-being of primates who had no new enrichment structures, devices, or toys in the enclosures
  • Failure to remove an excess accumulation of feces in enclosures for wildebeest, alpacas, yaks, cougars, tigers, lions, leopards, and bears
  • Enclosures in disrepair, such as:
    • Christmas lights that were hanging from trees in the camel and sika deer pastures where the animals could access them and possibly suffer injury
    • Protruding wires and rotted wood in the cougar cage
    • Loose and broken fencing for hoof stock
    • A bear pen with loose or missing wire strands at the top of the fenced enclosure, leaving a 2-1/2 foot gap
    • Five tiger and lion enclosures with large gaps in the high tensile wires used to raise the height of the fence
    • Big cat enclosures with one foot gaps over the equipment entrance gates
    • Chain link wire that was protruding into the feeding area for a tiger
    • Chain link that was loose and pulled out in the shift chute for the bear den
    • Loose chain link fencing in enclosures for ibex and deer
    • A loose board that supported the ceiling in the cougar cage
    • Holes in the roof sheltering wildebeest
    • A damaged chain link tree guard in the safari area with the deer
  • Inadequate drainage in enclosures for elands and camels
  • An inadequate perimeter fence to protect animals in the facility
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