5 Tips To Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life

A lot of people are without power right now, but your phone is your lifeline of communication since the you can’t get information without your TV or computer.

Here are some tips to keep your battery going as long as possible.

1. Turn off your phone when you aren’t using it. It goes without saying, but a lot of people let their phone go dark and don’t think anything else about it. Your phone is still doing things in the background, like synching apps and calling out for data like Facebook messages from Messenger and Twitter.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi – if the power is off in your house, your Wi-Fi isn’t on. Your phone is searching for a connection if you normal have your phone searching for a network.

3. Turn down the screen brightness – Your screen uses the majority of your phone’s power. Turning down the brightness you can save a lot of juice.

4. Go into Airplane mode – This turns off the phone’s ability to communicate via towers. It won’t use data but you can still have the phone on so you can use it as an alarm clock.

5. Turn off apps – Chances are you have some apps running in the background. Close them down.

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