Black Ice Still A Potential Threat On Upstate Roads

Wade Hampton and Buncombe

Now that the snow and sleet moved out of the Upstate, there’s still another threat for drivers.

The sun melted the wintery mix on many of the main roads Saturday afternoon. But as the temperatures dropped overnight, black ice formed.

Black Ice appears as wet spots on the road but is slippery. It is difficult to see and difficult to predict because it forms quickly.

That is why Highway Patrol tells us it is still a good idea to stay off the roads. Some drivers agree and have advice of their own.

“Just go slow. Really slow. And if you don’t have to get out, don’t,” Katie Harvey said.

”Watch out for other drivers who may not be able to drive on the ice, even if you are,” Paul Johnson said.

If you do get out, officials say it does not matter what you drive, you should drive slowly. Even though conditions have improved on many main roads, secondary roads are still seeing snow and ice.

Bridges, underpasses and shaded areas are the most likely place for black ice.

If your car begins to skid on the road, officials advise you stay calm, take your foot off the gas and turn the wheel in the direction of the skid. You should also pump your brakes if you have standard brakes. If you have anti-lock breaks, you should steadily press.

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