Adoption Event Helps Couples Looking To Grow Their Families

If you or anyone you know has ever been interested in adoption, you know it can be a long and costly process.

But a Greenville couple learned a mixture of marketing and help from a local support system can cut the cost, and help you become a parent.

You couldn’t find a more natural mom than Jessica Donnahoo, even though nature was working against her.

“We’ve been told by 3 different physicians that we would never conceive on our own.”

And so she and her husband Drew looked into adoption.

“I knew that I had a heart big enough to love any baby. And so at that point I just started asking God to make me a mom.”

At first the Donnahoos were overwhelmed by the projected cost of adoption, between $20- 40,000. But then they discovered the concept of self-matching.

Through the help of Greenville based, Quiver Full (, they learned how to market themselves through social media (, raise adoption funds and cut the costs by more than half.

Sailor couldn’t have been a more perfect fit. Donnahoo is a nurse, so when Sailor was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that has left him blind, she had all the resources to care for him, and certainly all the love.

“Sailor is blessed regardless of what his perception of life is, and that if we don’t teach him to be sad about it, he’ll have no reason to,” she said.

That very disorder, lead the Donnahoos to another couple we’ve told you about, the Bolts. Stephanie and Jonathan’s daughter Addie Grace had a degenerative disease. They met at the doctor’s office and became each others support.

“Sailor became Addie Grace’s first boyfriend and we even came over for her first date, he brought flowers. And we just wanted to love on them through this process,” said Donnahoo.

Addie Grace died in December, a week shy of her first birthday.
READ: Baby Addie Grace, Diagnosed With Krabbe Disease, Passes Away
And since it was a genetic disorder, the Bolts are now on the same path as the Donnahoos.

“There’s not a day I don’t think about her, you know but it also reminds you every day that you know, I really want to be a parent,” said Jonathan Bolt.

The Bolts are hopeful a birth mom will reach out to them. They already have 2500 followers on their new facebook page (
announcing the their adoption search.

The Donnahoos know, nothing is beyond hope. Jessica just learned she is 9 weeks pregnant.

“I tell Sailor that there is no difference, that there is a baby in my tummy but he grew in my heart, and the new baby makes Mommy throw up a little, but that’s the only difference.”

The Donnahoos will be speaking at an event aimed at helping parents looking to adopt. It’s called Families Forever, and it connects would-be parents with lawyers, other parents and organizations that can aid in adoption. It’s free, and anyone is welcome.

Saturday, January 30, 2016
10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Simpsonville First Baptist Church
3 Hedge St.
Simpsonville, SC 29681

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