Dozens More Charges in Cub Scouts Scam in Union

Jeff Henderson

Deputies say Jeffrey Scott Henderson and his young son have been going door-to-door collecting donations in Union Co., but the Cub Scouts aren’t currently having a fundraiser.

Henderson is charged with Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses, according to the Union Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said they originally had reports from 5 people that Henderson came to their doors asking for money.

Now there are 67 additional charges.

That brings the total to 72 counts.

One woman says when she tried to give him a check, but he said he couldn’t take it.

She gave him $20 in cash instead.

When deputies spoke with Cub Scout leaders, they said they were not currently having a fundraiser and Henderson should not have been collecting money.

They say he has not turned in any donated money to the Pack.

The Cub Scouts say the pack had been selling coupon books in September 2015, but Henderson never turned in any money from that fundraiser.

Deputies say they are sure there are many other victims in Union Co. and will proceed with the appropriate charges if more victims are found.

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