Burglar Caught On Camera Breaking Into Upstate Home

A burglar is caught on camera rummaging through one Upstate family’s home while they’re away. The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says it’s not the only house that’s been hit.

The incident happened Thursday afternoon at a home on Ross Street in Piedmont while the homeowner was away. Video cameras inside the home captured the incident.

Now a Piedmont family is hoping will help catch the thief that targeted their home.

“It is scary that somebody can come in here in our home and pretty much take whatever they want and get by with it,” Peyton Adams said, about the intruder at her cousin’s home.

On at least 4 cameras, a man was captured breaking through the back door of the home, before carrying out boxes of Adam’s and her cousin’s belongings.

“My cousin is mad too. He is very angry,” she said. “So we hope we don’t see him out here walking.”

They don’t believe this is the first time he’s targeted their home. Just two weeks ago, they reported another break-in to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. In it, the family says a man is seen busting through the same door, the same way.

“It is just crazy that somebody would do that and risk their own life to break in to somebody’s house,” Adams said.

She says the first time at night, the burglar shined a light through the window. The second time during the day, he knocked on the front door to make sure nobody was home.

The thief or thieves walked away with jewelry, a gun and a makeup box. Peyton says most of it carried more sentimental value for them, belonging to loved ones they’ve lost.

“I’m mad, upset,” she claimed. “Because the jewelry can’t be replaced.”

They  shared the video on Facebook and with us in hopes someone can help deputies identify the man responsible and get their stuff back. They hope he’s caught before he can target another family’s home.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says there have been at least 85 burglaries reported in the entire county already this year. Now if you think you know the man in that video, call the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

Anyone with information about the incident or the identity of the suspect is asked to contact Investigator Kenny Pigman at (864)260-4435 or via email at kpigman@andersonsheriff.com or Crime Storppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC. All tips to Crime Stoppers are anonymous and if your tip leads to an arrest you could be eligible for a reward.

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