Man drags Anderson Deputy with van says report

Kenneth Allen Gendron

Kenneth Allen Gendron, 52, was charged with attempted murder after dragging an Anderson Co. deputy with his van.

Deputies say they got a report of a man that had reportedly run through a building and led Anderson Police on a pursuit.

They found the can as it was pulling into the Northlake Drive Condominium parking lot and followed it to the end of the complex.

They say Gendron got out of the can and confronted the officers.

Deputies tried speaking with him, but he suddenly jumped back in the van and tried to leave.

They say one of the deputies held the door to keep it from shotting and grabbed Gendron by the arm.

Gendron put the van in reverse and backed out at a high rate of speed, dragging the deputy several feet before he wqas able to let go, according to the report.

The deputy was hit by the door.

Deputies say Gendron didn’t go far. He pulled into a parking space and ran into his apartment.

They attempted to speak with Gendron for more than 30 minutes before going into the apartment.

They say he was hiding in the living room. He was arrested without incident.

“Thankfully, our deputy was not injured in this incident but this is an example of the kind of things our deputies do every day. They put their lives on the line in order to keep us safe. I can’t thank them enough for their service,” said Anderson Co. Sheriff Skipper.

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