Spartanburg drycleaners keeps Carolina Panthers looking their best

It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it and Bill Fowler, 82, is up to the task.

“If they put that camera on (Cam Newton), his number, his back, his name, they want to see nothing but the number, his back and the name, no wrinkles no creases,” said Fowler.

Fowler is the official dry cleaner of the Carolina Panthers, a job he’s held since 1995 before it’s first season.

7 News was there as the dirty uniforms were dropped off Monday afternoon at the Spartanburg location on Church street. They’re quickly sorted and separated and must be prepared by Wednesday.

“If they’re wearing the same again, you have to hurry them back,” said Fowler. “If not, you take a little more time. If they wore white yesterday and they wear black the next week, we got a little more leeway. ”

Fowler says the uniforms cleaned Monday will be worn by the team in the SuperBowl February 7.

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