The Citadel Punishes 14 Cadets For Dec. Incident

Posted by: Citadel Minority-Alumni

CHARLESTON – The Citadel has punished 14 cadets after social media photos showed them with pillow cases on their heads at an event on campus in December.

The penalties ranged from dismissal to on-campus punishment according to a news release from the school Monday morning.

The photos of the cadets were taken in a barracks on the campus on December 9.

“The investigation found that the cadets did not intend to be offensive,” said said Lt. Gen. John Rosa, Citadel President in a written statement. “However, I am disappointed some recognized how it could be construed as such but didn’t stop it.”

The Citadel investigation found a group of freshmen reported to an upper class cadet’s room over a number of nights after Thanksgiving to sing Christmas carols while dressed in costumes.

The freshmen used pillow cases “in an attempt to dress as ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past'” according to the school. The cadets sang from lyric sheets for “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”, and “Joy to the World.”

“While the skit had no ill intent, it did show poor judgment” Rosa said in the statement. “It demonstrates that we must integrate an even higher level of diversity education into cadets’ daily activities, and into the already extensive leadership and ethics curriculum. We are working on that now.”

The Citadel has scheduled a news conference for Monday at 2:00 p.m. 7 News will live stream that news conference.

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