Buy A Used Car? Here’s Why You Should Check The Car’s History

We get a lot of phone calls from people who have bought a used car only to find out soon after it has major issues. One georgia woman is sharing her story so it never happens to you. And the point is, it doesn’t have to, if you take the right steps before you buy.

When Donna Nadeau bought a used car for her birthday last October, she never imagined her 2014 Chrystler 200 would only last three weeks.

When she took it to an independent mechanic he told her “the vehicle should not be driven,” and she got that in writing.

“I’m lucky I didn’t lose my life,” she said.

Unfortunately Nadeau did not get that independent review or a Carfax report before she bought the car, or she would have known the car “ran off the road and hit an embankment” a year ago.

“I mean we’re making payments on a car we can’t even drive. We’re paying car insurance on a car we can’t drive, you know, and it’s not right.”

In SC, the law isn’t exactly on your side when it comes to buying used cars. A dealer doesn’t have to tell you a car’s been in a crash. It’s up to you to ask.

Nadeau says it’s been two months now that the dealer, Auto Tree, has had her car in repair. And earlier this week, another blow, Nadea says she learned from a third party the dealership’s location in Anderson closed down.

“They never even let us know, so it was like, where’s our car and what do we do about it,” she said.

We contacted the owner and manager of Auto Tree in Greer. They declined an on-camera interview, but the manager said the company gave Nadeau a rental car and is prepared to fix hers. The BBB is also mediating.

They do have 5 complaints on their file with the BBB. They have responded to each complaint, and they have been trying to make a good faith effort to help the consumer to our knowledge,” said Courtney Beaty, the BBB Director of Public Relations.

As for Nadeau, she wants to make sure the car has the greenlight from another mechanic before she drives it again. But she admits some fault.

We asked: “Do you think you maybe didn’t take the proper steps when you are buying used.
“Yep, yep, but you don’t expect someone to do that to you.” she said.

If you have a complaint against a business, the BBB can help moderate You can file a complaint at

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