Spartanburg Clock Tower’s faces replaced

SPARTANBURG, SC- Crews are working to change the faces on the clock tower in downtown Spartanburg.

Will Rothschild with City of Spartanburg says one of the 4 faces has been down for a while. Plywood was put in the face for several months, he adds.

The mechanics in the clock are from the late 1800s and constantly need repair. Rothschild says there aren’t many people who specialize in repairing these clocks.

Crews are replacing the clock works with a modern electronic one.

The four faces of the clock were made of wood which didn’t hold up after exposure to the elements, Rothschild says.

The person making the repairs is based in Charleston. They took one of the clock faces and replicated the numbers, hands, etc.

The four new faces are made of metal and will hold up to the elements, according to Rothschild.

Spartanburg hopes to have the updates completed by today and other repairs finished by the end of this week.

The clock and the bell dates back to the early 1880s. Originally, it was installed in the Old Opera House in Spartanburg; where the Masonic Temple is now.


Clock tower 1 Clock tower 2

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