Man proposes to woman the first time he meets her

TORONTO, ONTARIO — “We’re going to be like, Oh my God, there he is!” said bride-to-be Erica Harris told CNN affiliate KCAL-TV as she waited inside the Ontario Airport for her groom…whom she has never met.

“You don’t drag your feet with real love. You leap into that like there’s no tomorrow and that’s what we’re doing.”

A year ago Harris and Artie Vann connected over Instagram. The problem is, Vann lives cross-country in New York. For the past several months their romance grew through online chats that included poetry and videos. Vann recently purchased a one-way ticket to see Erica with the two planning to elope minutes after meeting.

After Vann’s plane landed and the two embraced, he did, indeed, get on a knee and pop the question.

Harris answer? That was easy.


With strangers in the airport serving as witnesses, the couple exchanged vows right there in the terminal.  Their advice to others looking for love as Valentine’s Day approaches?

“Don’t listen to your thoughts,” said Vann. “Don’t listen to your head. Follow your heart. Follow your soul.”

“So for anybody who doesn’t believe in fairy tales,” Harris added, “Who am I? I can happen to you, too.”

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