POLL: Cat vs. Dog; Who loves owner more?

A new study shows that dogs love their owners five times more than their kitty counterparts, according to Metro.

This research was explained on the BBC documentary Cats vs. Dogs.

According to the documentary, researchers studied a chemical present in the brain called Oxytocin. Scientists describe Oxytocin as the “love hormone.”

The Oxytocin levels both rise for dogs and cats when they see their owners. Dogs showed a much bigger boost in Oxytocin, according to researchers.

The dogs had a 57.2% increase in Oxytocin levels while interacting with their owners and cats only clocked an average increase of 12%.

According to People Magazine, Dr. Paul Zak, who examined the results,  “was really surprised to discover that dogs produced such high levels of Oxytocin.”  He adds “it was also a nice surprise to discover that cats produce any at all. At least some of the time, cats seem to bond with their owners.”

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