Ted Cruz event at TD Center in Greenville

Sen. Ted Cruz is heading to New Hampshire after his victory in Iowa Monday evening. However, he stopped in the Upstate to speak at a rally at the TD Convention Center to sway voters before the South Carolina Republican Primary.

The event started at 6:30 p.m. Cruz took the stage around 7 and spoke for about 30 minutes.

Anderson Co. GOP Chairperson Dan Harvell said the campaign flew in about 60 members of the media to the TD Center in Greenville for a big announcement. The announcement Congressman Jeff Duncan was endorsing the senator was made earlier Tuesday.


The event was free and open to the public. It quickly became standing room only. Many people were there to see the candidate who was victorious in Monday night’s caucus.

People attributed Cruz’s success in Iowa to his grassroots efforts and him carrying the evangelical vote which is a big similarity between Iowa voters and ones in the Bible Belt.

“As Christians, we have a duty to vote, and we need to get out and vote for Godly principals,” said Bob Woodard, the Executive Director of the South Carolina Pastors Alliance.

The South Carolina Republican Primary is on February 20th. The Democratic Primary will be held on February 27th.

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