7News makes Super Bowl bet with Colorado TV station

We, at 7News, are so confident in the Panthers winning the Super Bowl that we decided to challenge Fox21 on the big game.

Fox21 is located in Colorado Springs, and therefore, are kind of obligated to pull for the Broncos.

We’ve come up with a list of 5 good reasons why we KNOW the Panthers will win the Super Bowl.

-Cam Newton’s zebra pants (Come on, everybody knows only winners wear zebra pants.)

-Panthers are 17-1. That’s right, we said SEVENTEEN AND ONE.

-Omaha, NE wants Peyton Manning to stop yelling “Omaha!” (It’s getting old, man. Real old.)

-Speaking of old men, Peyton is 104 years old. We looked it up. (Thanks, Wikipedia.)

-Panthers scored 500 points in regular season. FIVE HUNDRED. You don’t need us to tell you that’s a lot of points.

So, naturally, we decided to wager the game.

If (and by “if,” we mean “when”) the Panthers win the Super Bowl, Fox21 has to wear Carolina colors and “dab.”

They also said they would send us some Rocky Mountain oysters… Weird, right?

If the Panthers lose the Super Bowl (which they won’t), the 7News Daybreak crew will wear Denver colors and send some Carolina BBQ to Fox21.

And I guess we’d probably do the mile-high salute, too, but who cares? We all know that’s not happening.

Sorry to break it to ya, Fox21, but looks like y’all won’t be getting good ol’ Carolina BBQ anytime soon.

Just a good ol’ Carolina spankin’.

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