Clinton, Rubio gaining in NH, but Sanders, Trump still on top

Credit: WWLP

LOWELL, Mass. (WWLP) – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is gaining in the polls in New Hampshire, but she still remains well behind Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders with five days to go before the state’s crucial primary. A UMass Lowell/7News daily tracking poll released Thursday morning has Clinton trailing Sanders by 22 points; still a commanding lead for the self-proclaimed “democratic socialist,” but down from a 33 point lead he recently enjoyed.

Clinton is hoping to do well in a televised debate Thursday night while her husband, former President Bill Clinton, campaigns in the next primary state- South Carolina.

The new poll found that Sanders led among all demographic groups, except for voters with advanced degrees, a group in which Clinton leads by 5 points. Sanders shows his greatest strength with younger voters, who prefer him over Clinton by an enormous margin- drawing 87% of the support of voters between the ages of 18 and 29, and 74% of voters between the ages of 30 and 39.

Democratic Primary Tracking Poll:

  • Bernie Sanders: 58%
  • Hillary Clinton: 36%

On the Republican side, businessman Donald Trump still has a wide lead in New Hampshire, but Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been making progress. Trump maintains a 21-point lead over all of his challengers. Rubio, however, has moved into second place in New Hampshire, edging out Iowa Caucus winner Sen. Ted Cruz by one percentage point in the UMass Lowell/7News poll.

Trump leads among the Republican candidates in all demographic groups- age, gender, income, and education level.

Republican Primary Tracking Poll:

  • Donald Trump: 36%
  • Marco Rubio: 15%
  • Ted Cruz: 14%
  • Jeb Bush: 8%
  • John Kasich: 7%
  • Chris Christie: 5%
  • Ben Carson: 4%
  • Carly Fiorina: 3%

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