Mom charged with Child Neglect in Spartanburg

Amber Bogan, of Spartanburg, was arrested early Tuesday morning after deputies responded to a call about a stolen vehicle at a house on Cedar St.

Deputies say that after smelling what seemed to be the odor of marijuana in the home, they asked to search the house, and Cannon let them.

Amber Bogan has been charged with unlawful neglect of a child after deputies found many safety concerns for the 1-year-old child that was living there including: Partially filled and empty beer cans and multiple medication bottles in reach of the child, dirty bedding, and inadequate food and clothing.

Also, they say the child was wearing a diaper that needed to be changed and had dirty feet.

Bogan and Bradley Cannon, the owner of the house, denied knowing anything about the stolen vehicle, according to deputies.

She is being held at the Spartanburg Detention Center.

They say DSS was contacted, and the child was taken into Emergency Protective Custody.

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