Panthers super fan shares his game day routine

GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT)- Most athletes have certain things they do prior to any game, match, or competition and fans are the same way.

Whether it’s running out at a certain time, doing choreographed handshakes, or praying with the opposing team, all athletes have some routing they follow, and so do the fans.

Longtime Panthers fan Steven Asby said, “If they’re going to be game ready, and when it starts I feel like I’m kind of in it with them.”

Steven Asby is the ultimate panthers fan and on game day, he goes through the same routine, just like his favorite team. It’s quite simple. First, he puts on his jersey. Next, he grabs his Panthers mug, and the game can’t start without Asby holding his lucky ball. The superstitions don’t end there, Asby makes adjustments mid game if things aren’t going as planned.

“I’ll change jerseys sometimes, I’ll go and grab one of the jerseys that I have,” Asby said. “I may change t-shirts as well because I usually wear a Panthers t-shirt under my jersey.”

All of this is what Asby sees as his contribution to the team.

Asby said, “I try to go through the same things every game just to make sure I don’t do anything that’s going to make the team suffer, and I know that sounds crazy, but for me it’s right in my head.”

Asby says his rituals are all fun and games, but the love he has for his Panthers and this state is bigger than football.

“I’m a North Carolina-centric person and I think it’s important for everyone to really celebrate what’s going on right now in North Carolina,” Asby said.

Asby was watching the last time his Panthers made it to the Super Bowl, and you bet he’ll be watching this Sunday. He says win or lose he’ll always be a fan.

Former ECU football coach Ruffin McNeil gave Asby his lucky ball, and he says it’s worked for most of the season and he hopes his luck will continue into Sunday.

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