Buy a Box to Help United Way Feed Hungry Anderson County Kids

Every week United Way of Anderson packs up meals for 1,000 hungry students. They’re for young kids, who have to go home from school without a meal to eat all weekend.

“We were amazed to find out how many children would leave school on Friday with little to no food,” Carol Burdette said, the United Way of Anderson CEO.

Each hungry student is identified by a teacher or counselor. Many of them have faced troubles in school with grades or behavior. The organization believes it’s because they don’t get enough food.

“We have learned that when children are hungry they are unable to focus and pay attention because they are thinking about where their next meal is coming from,” Lynn Dingle added, the Marketing and Communications Director at United Way of Anderson.

Every bag is filled with four meals and two snacks and it is sent home with each kid every Friday.

Each food item can be eaten warm or cold. The snack packs are tucked discretely in their back packs.

They’re priceless for every child who finds it in their bag. “They are ecstatic when they get their bag,” Dingle said.

For United Way, each bag costs $4, totaling at $4,000 to reach the need every week. So they are asking for donations and volunteers to keep it going. They’re hoping to collect before Wednesday during their “Buy a Box Blitz”.

“Older children tell me that ‘my little sister gets this and she loves her food. Thank you for the food’,” Dingle said. “ Anytime we can bring a smile to a child’s face is a wonderful thing.”

United Way wants to raise $150,000 to get the kids that smile, full bellies and a better education for another year.

Each box in the “Buy a Box Blitz” fundraiser costs $32 and will feed 8 kids for one weekend. Every penny goes to buying the food to fill the meal packs. Even after the fundraiser, United Way says they will accept donations for the cause year round.

To donate, click HERE.

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