Child neglect and drug charges for Lyman woman

Karla Jean Owens
Karla Jean Owens

Karla Jean Owens, 39, of Lyman is charged with one count of neglect of a child, two counts of possession of meth and two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Greer Police say they saw a car stopped at the intersection of Wilson and 4th St. for several minutes.

When they pulled up behind the vehicle, they say Owen made a turn onto 8th St. without using a turn signal.

They spoke to the driver and Owens who immediately began simultaneous explanations for why they were in the area.

The deputy reports there appeared to be a high level of tension between the adult passengers and their mutually shared child in the vehicle appeared very frightened.

The man in the vehicle told deputies that he was drug-free because he was subjected to routine drug tests as a condition of his recent domestic violence conviction.

Owens told the officer that the man she was with had made physical threats to her in front of the child and told the child he would kill her mother.

Officers got permission from the driver to search the vehicle where they say they found multiple drugs.

The say they found a small burnt cigar with the odor of Marijuana and a green leafy plant-like substance inside.

They say they also found prescription painkillers and meth.

The child was transferred to her aunt.

Police say an official DSS investigation into the incident will be conducted.

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