Pennies 4 Preemies

Grace is a triplet and she and her brothers were born over 3 months premature and Grace weighed only a little over a pound!  Grace and her brothers and all very healthy 17 year olds today!  She started a non profit called Pennies 4 Preemies in 2014 and will be holding the 2nd annual Pennies 4 Preemies Polar Bear Plunge! The event is Feb 13th at Portman Marina on Lake Hartwell.  She will have a “TEAM” that will be jumping in this segment and will also have a special needs baby , Lyriq, as her special guest.  Lyriq is just one of the many children in the upstate that has received help from Pennies 4 Preemies.

THE PLUNGE…we are trying to get viewers to SIGN up for the plunge!!!!!  $25 gets them a jump in the lake and all proceeds go to support Pennies 4 Preemies.

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