College students help presidential campaigns

As the presidential campaigns heat up in South Carolina, college students are jumping into action to get out the vote.

Clemson students Will Ensor and Alicia Niland spent Thursday afternoon putting out signs along Main Street in Anderson to show support for Jeb Bush.

“He’s a good man so I knew I’d feel comfortable working for him,” Ensor said.

They volunteer for the campaign about 20 hours a week.

“I’ve done phone banking, door knocking as well,” said Niland when asked about her work with the campaign. “We’re out before class, after class, on the weekends around Clemson and Greenville.”

Students across South Carolina are getting a front-row seat at the political process. “Students for Hillary” tells 7News, they’ve launched at 19 college campuses in the state.

Furman University says it has many students volunteering with presidential campaigns locally – like Anna Caroline Soldan. She’s the co-chair of Millennials For Cruz at Furman.

“I think that young people play a very important role in politics,” said Soldan. “I am doing this because I love Ted Cruz and I really love what he’s doing.”

Furman student Sara Desantis received class credit for an internship with “Carly for America.”

“I don’t really want to get into politics, but I thought, try it out while there’s a major election going on, so that could be really fun,” Desantis explained.

Even though Fiorina suspended her campaign this week, Desantis says she still learned some valuable lessons.

“How to work with people, how to talk to people I didn’t know, how to put myself out there, make phone calls, write professional emails,” Desantis said. “It was a really good learning experience all around for me.”

College Students Help Presidential Campaigns
Alicia Niland & Will Ensor put out signs for Jeb Bush

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