Prosecutors: No criminal charges in crash that killed school principal

Credit: WISH

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — No criminal charges will be filed in the fatal crash at Amy Beverland Elementary School.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office completed their review of the investigation and made the choice not to file charges.

“This tragic accident and the loss of Principal Susan Jordan has impacted many in our local community and in the education community nationwide,” said Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry. “Our sympathy goes to the family, friends, and extended network of students, parents and educators who knew Mrs. Jordan.”

On Jan. 26, school principal Susan Jordan was killed and two children were injured when stricken by a school bus.

The driver did not have alcohol or controlled substances in her blood, investigators said.

The crash report for the incident stated that the driver left her seat and forgot to put on the parking brake.

A release by the prosecutor’s office indicates that the driver moved the shifter into the forward position but was unable to leave the location due to another bus beside her. Investigators believe she tried to make contact with Jordan and stood up from her seat, but did not put the bus in neutral or reengage the parking brake.

The bus was found to not have any mechanical defects during an inspection.

MSD of Lawrence Township Superintendent Dr. Shawn Smith released this statement following the decision:

These have been challenging days. While challenges remain, we hope this represents another step toward healing for our school and our community.”

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